All of these maps are linked to larger pages which show a more detailed version. Some of the more detailed maps also show courses sailed or planned. Not all the maps are linked because it is hard to describe exactly where we will be sailing within the different Archipelagoes.



The Maldives Archipelago


We cruised for seven months in the Gulf of Siam. Then I made a solo voyage down the eastern seaboard of Malaysia during the months of Aug and Sep.

Peninsular Malaysia The solo voyage I made down the east coast

Eastern Coastal Region
Our travels began here on the 24th of Dec 2003

Samui Region - Three months of cruising throughout this area was paradise

Singapore The boat is "parked" just east of the island of Singapore. This map shows the location.


The Andaman Sea is located on the western seaboard of the peninsula. I will be located on this coast for approx two months. It is a fantastic region to cruise during Nov Dec

The Indian Ocean including a bit of East Africa
My future playground. I am not sure how far we will travel but the destination at the moment is Madagascar and the surrounding Archipeligoes.Time frame : Jan to July 2005

Sri Lanka Will be the first major destination. A 15 day sail.

Chagos and Mascarene Islands At the top of this photo you can see the southern tip of the Maldives next to the equator. From there we will sail south to the Chagos Archipeligo. After Chagos we will sail southwest for the Mascarene Islands and Madagascar. That is the general plan but I think cruising is best left partially unplanned.