Penisular Malaysia
My solo journey began in Koh Pangan. I traveled south to Songkhla and spent somoe time there doing repairs and transmission work. I then sailed south to Kota Baharu where I motored up river and checked into the country of Malaysia. My next stop was the Perhantian Islands which were a lot like Koh Pangan on a much smaller scale. Then I sailed to Redang and on to Kuala Terengganu. I had a wonderful time in Terengganu and wrote a story describing it. After Terenganu I sailed for 36 hours to Pulau Tioman where I was nearly sunk by a raging Sumatran Squall that hit at 2:47 am. Next was Pulau Aur, which was a fantastic mystery in itself. Finally I departed Malaysia for Singapore but ended up anchoring off a Malaysian town called Johor Baharu (JB) across from Singapore and commuting into the ragin Metropolis.