The first photo captures all of the adult lifejackets on the boat. There are two childrens lifejackets not shown. To the right of the lifejackets in a belt harness used by the captain as a bossons chair. Above the harness is 100 meters of floating line which is excellent for Man Over Board (MOB) rescues.

Small scale safety equipment listed from left ot right

2 High Visability Parachute Flairs, 3 hand held flairs, 3 signaling whistles, heavy duty flashlight, mini gas stove and emergency rations.

The VHF Radio is shown here. VHF stands for Very High Frequency which is used for ship to ship contact or arrival-departure proceedures in large harbors. The distance the radio is effective is just past the horizon or approxiamtely 20 nautical miles.

Below the radio is my cell phone which is often operable in coastal areas. There are two small signal mirrors and a full set of signal flags for ship to ship comunication, in the red stuff case below the VHF.

First Aid Kit is an REI standard "Extreme Conditions" emergency kit. Below this kit is Captain Andy's First Aid Kit which includes local medications for most conditions which develope in Thailand.

Life Preserver is a standard MOB ring used in cases where the ocean is extreme and visibility is low. It can quickly be torn from it's fittings and tossed to a person in the water.

Next to the Preserver is the EPIRB which stands for Emergency Positioning (I-something) Radio Beacon. It is top of the line, will eject from the boat if she does go down and will be automatically activeated. It contains two kinds of signals. The first is a 406 MHz Satellite Signal which will be picked up all over the world. The second 125 MHz signal is used by most coast gaurds for "zeroing in" on the beacon.

Here is a closer look at the EPIRB. My mother is much happier that we have it on the boat.

There are 2 Fire Extinguishers on the boat. One is located just behind the galley, shown here.

The second Extinguisher is located just below the switch board panel and is oriented to prevent electrical fires.