Pattaya (Chapter 3) - 8 Jan 2003

Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 7:03 AM
Subject: Pattaya Chapter 3

Well, friends
It seems we find ourselves in Pattaya. The land of sin, the equivalent of La Vegas. It's great! Unfortunately Tony had all the fun last night. I had to watch over the boat (my baby) as I was a little worried about her position and the waves bouncing her around.
I left the boat this morning to have a new depth gauge pole made and ran around shopping for about three hours. When I returned from shopping, I was about 2 minutes walk from where the boat was anchored and was about to eat lunch when Tony called. I knew something was wrong when I heard the engine in the background.
It turned out while Tony was watching, the boat the anchor line was cut (somehow, by boat or by rock we'll never know) and he drifted 3 hundred meters down the beach before he noticed. Luckily the engine started up quickly, thanks to a savvy engine fellow, and he could motor around and wait for me. I jumped on a jet ski and ripped out to the boat and we tried a few times to pull up the anchor. We eventually gave up. We will do it tomorrow morning when the tide is much lower.
As for me, it is my turn on the town and I have three disco-techs in mind. I've had 3 beers and I'm presently working on number four.
The boat is anchored well and Tony is on guard.
We will stay here in Pattaya another day, as we have not got our fill of cheep thrills. Tomorrow we will find the first (we have two) anchor. Then while the waters are still calm we will head over to the go kart / drag racing center and do some sick ass speeding. Then, in the afternoon I will go over to the shooting range and see if I can't learn a little more about guns and such.
Finally I would like to drop in on Ocean Marina. It is a super expensive environmentally catastrophic yacht harbor on the coast south of Pattaya. It is also one of the only marinas in the gulf of Siam so I would like to take a look at it and see what it is all about. I would also like to drag our smelly, scruffy asses into a high class establishment, stick our noses in the air, and then leave.
Oh, what fun.
I would like to leave my friends and family with one last impression. This afternoon I was standing on the beach in Thailand looking out at the sunset with a cold beer "Chang" in hand and I noticed this beautiful boat. It was a very nicely shaped sailboat painted dark red. I thought "what a beautiful boat" . . . "She's mine." Tony and I were chatting with a guy who rents jet skis and at that moment looking out at the sunset and the boat, I felt the master of my own universe.
I suppose that sort of thinking will curse me to oblivion but it sure is a great feeling.
I hope all is well on the home front. I hope not everyone is very eager for war, and I hope my friends are all well and dreaming sweet dreams.