The first photo captures most of the navigation equipment used by the captain. I will make a short list here of the items from the top left, down.

Slide Rule, Compas, Walking ruler, Normal ruler, Calculator, Erasor, Pensils, 2 GPSs and Thai Navy or British Admiralty Charts.

Speaking of Charts, here we have "chart storage" on the cealing of the main cabin.

This photo shows external navigating equipment. Listed below,

Flood Light, Headlamp, Binoculars, and Heavy duty fishing gloves

Depth Gauge and Compass are shown pretty clearly here. These are both cirtical navigating items and if either goes out, safe navigation becomes extremely difficult. Kind of like stepping back into the 18th century.

Last but not least we have the Captain's Brain. This is also a critical item but my brain has, at times, been replaced by competent crew such as Tony's Brain or Jeff's Brain.