JOURNAL ENTRY - 4 Mar 2003
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 4:06 AM
Subject: Golden Urn Marine Park
To those loved ones,
We will be departing Koh Tao on Wed 5th of March. We will sail south into the Ang Thong Marine Park and explore this region for up to two weeks. It is mostly uninhabited and should be great place to explore.
Our crew will be Tony, John, maybe a Swedish guy named Daniel that Tony met in his dive class, and I. We will spend quite a bit of time away from civilization this time.

I will try to get back to Koh Pangan by the 16th of March and will write again at that time.
Our sails are good, the boat is good, the engine has been a little fritsy but still running well.
I apologize for clogging everyone’s e-mail accounts. These stories come in bunches and clots and there is little I can do but spew them out.
Much love,
Captain Andy.