JOURNAL ENTRY - 4 Mar 2003
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 3:55 AM
Subject: Saltwater Soap

I have asked dad about the sail cloth and saltwater soap. He'll get back to me in a day or so. I am pretty sure it arrived but not certain.
I will be traveling up to BKK on the 21st of March to get more engine parts and some heavy-duty anchor line, some safety equipment and maybe even a Hookah rig. Could you send me the Depth Gauge before the 21st, so I can pick it up as well? If my depth gauge goes out I would feel very incapable. It is a key piece of instrumentation on my boat and I need a backup.
Things are going pretty well here but this saga seems to be coming to an end soon.
Thanks for the resume. I need to revise it.
I will take note of your work address and thanks again for all the help.
Much love,
Your son,