JOURNAL ENTRY - 3 Jun 2003

Sent: Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 6:56 AM
Subject: New Voyage
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are heading out on another voyage around the Samui area. We will be leaving at around 2 am due to tidal restrictions. We will sail around the island to a beautiful bay on the northeast corner called Tong Nai Pan. We will anchor there for a day and a night and then sail to Koh Tao in the morning and spend 4 to 5 days there. There is a lot of good diving and snorkeling so we will spend some time there and maybe Clay and Chuck will take a dive course.
Crew is comprised of Alexis, Cate (my good friend from way back when), her two brothers; Chuck and Clay, my good Thai friend; Bet, and myself. Bet is only on the ride for the trip up to the north end of the island. He is interested in the sailing aspect.
After Koh Tao we might head to Chumporn and then to Burma by car to deal with the visa issue. The boat will be left in a safe local and someone will stay to look after her. I think we will have the chance to write from Koh Tao but I wanted to give a general plan for the next week just to let my mom know what's up.
I finally repaired the gear cables at a tremendous effort on my part as well as Bet's. I think I might be purchasing some wood for his boat, as I believe I owe him quite a bit now.
I put in two new Dorads for ventilation purposes, because the boat gets quite hot. The engine is running smoothly now and so is the electrical system but I would like to take the time to set up a better system when I get back to Koh Pangan. The boat is now in better condition then she has been for most of my travels. I should be careful though. I might just curse myself.
So, we will depart the night of the 4th, spend the 5th in northeastern Koh Pangan, then on to Koh Tao on the morning of the 6th. Both Alexis and I have to leave the country on the 11th so if we decide to exit through Burma we might take the boat to Chumporn. I also need the experience of going into a new port and motoring up a river. This will depend on the time available because I do not want to rush such a process. We will see.
The computer is getting a new hard drive so when I get it back I will write more stories.
Much love to my family and friends,
Captain Andy