JOURNAL ENTRY - 31 Aug 2003

Sent:Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 9:30 PM
Subject: Mom
Thanks for taking the time to look up that Poste Restante address. I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to mail. Yippy. I have not had that indulgence in months.
I thoroughly inspected that link you sent on Singapore and it is very useful and I will save it for later use.
Yes, you are right about the monsoon season from the South China Sea. The waves seem to be getting larger and making my stay here in Tioman more difficult. The east side of the island has a huge, fairly well protected bay but it faces east and lets in the general east wind and the swell as well. It is not bad during the day, just a lot of rocking. On the other side of the island it is calm during the day but then nasty ass squalls blow in in the afternoon or late at night and sink boats so I don't like that side very much.
Pulau Aur has a good bay that faces northeast and should have decent protection from both weather patterns so I think I will head there soon. But I don't plan to stay long as I would like to get to Singapore before September really gets started.
My first destination in Singapore is an area called the Johor Bahru Causeway. There are a few boats anchored there continually, it is totally free and I found out about it from the South African couple who got the info from their general Phuket area sailing friends so it seems it is a common stop for the Phuket Sailing community. I will stay there initially and scout out marinas and a job and find Caroline's friends and see if they can give me some good leads. Johor Bahru is up the Johor River, behind Singapore and is well protected from all swell and most storms. It is a safe anchorage and customs and immigration are right there next to the causeway.

As for the lee shore business it has been that way for most of my trip down this coast so that is nothing new. I don't want to be caught in a lot of nasty storms though and will try to move a little faster. I am going to do some engine work today and then will take the boat around to the other side tomorrow for some snorkeling and then I will set anchor really well and spend one night over there.
As for grandchildren I think Juli will beat me to it. I am still looking for the right girl. Maybe not looking so very hard.
If you have any more questions let me know soon. I will depart for Pulau Aur soon and then my next destination will be Singapore and Johor Bahru so my next contact and letter will come from Singapore.
I will be leaving here in the next two days. Sorry for not giving you more time to contact me but I think you are right in that I should try to make it to Singapore fairly soon.
I love you very much mom,
Take care,