JOURNAL ENTRY - 2 Feb 2003
Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2003 3:41 AM
Subject: Stateside Connection!

Thanks for all the help buying stuff and finding out information. I will not go to Koh Samet to retrieve a license that will expire in a few months. Hopefully I can get a new one, without a photo, when the time comes. I would like to have a California driver's license because my international license requires that I have a regular license. It is also good for identification and will be helpful if I decide to work in Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore. We are having some problems with the fuel system and will not be leaving Koh Chang for a while yet, maybe the 8th or the 9th. Jeff has a ticket booked for the 15th of Feb to fly from Samui to BKK so I would like to leave by the 9th so we can have at least 6 days to make it across the gulf. We calculated 2 and a half days and I have heard the worst estimates to be 5 days. I doubt this last one but we will be stocked for at least a week and we will have a nice little EPIRB with us. Thank you very much mom! You are my stateside connection.
I found another guy with a Volvo Penta Engine on Koh Chang and he orders parts here in Thailand and if they can't get them here he has a place in Singapore too. This might be a better option than Alan Ingersol. Nonetheless, I will send him another letter and cc you as well.
That is good information on the VHF radio. The issue is that I cannot get to the base of the mast. If I run a wire down it there is no place to pull it out from unless I drill a hole in the side of the mast, pull the wire out and then drill a hole in the deck and run it inside. I have enough wire, I am just hesitant about the mounting and the wiring.
I am sorry it took so long to get chapter 6 out. I have been pretty busy and I wanted to really try and capture a lot of that last trip. It was quite precious and I knew it would be long so I put it off for a while. I will write chapter 7 about the wedding and BKK soon and hopefully send it before I leave.
When are you going to come out to the boat?
Much love,
Your son,
Captain Andy