JOURNAL ENTRY - 2 Aug 2003

Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2003 4:53 AM
Subject: Fiasco

what a silly fiasco with the gas detector. If I hadn't already paid for it I would probably say forget about it. I don't have an address to send it to. I think it will have to wait along with the credit/debit card. I might spend a little time in Trengganu as it is supposed to be one of the Muslim cultural centers of Malaysia. That is interesting to me and I would like to see what it is about. If I do I will get an address there and let you know.
Yes, the cell phone will work in Malaysia and I don't have to change the "sim" card but I think it might be wise to test it out. I will give you a date when I should be completely out of Thailand and you can try to give me a call. I still need to look into it some more but we will see. I have asked a lot of people and cell phone shops and the general answer is yes but you will be charged international rates. That is OK if it is just used in emergencies but it would be wise to make sure. I'll let you know.
I will look up that article you mentioned about the Malaysian crack down and get back to you on it. I doubt there is any activity in Northeastern Malaysia as it is a heavily touristed area which is quite similar in atmosphere and condition as the Koh Samui area. Well, at least the Parhetian islands are that way. I had a long talk with a few people who had just traveled from there. I will still find the article though. Thanks for the warning.
I am going to write a little more on my general letter so I will leave it at that. OH, I almost forgot. The boat is anchored just south of Hin Semila where the mermaid and the cat and mouse statues are located. It is a nice beach but the jellyfish abound to such a large extent that I am afraid to swim off the boat much.
I climbed to the top of a small mountain on the coast with a temple on it near Leam Semila and had a great view of the city of Songkhla. I like it a lot. It has a great number of well laid out parks and maybe has a slightly more Malaysian atmosphere then most Thai cities I have seen. I like it distinctly better then many I have visited. Unfortunately it doesn't have that much to see in a tourist sense but the people are quite friendly. I have been here three days and was invited to a house for a nice simple dinner. I am paying two young boys who work at one of the seafood restaurants to look after my dingy and keep an eye out on the boat.
I set my crew free to wander and explore Songkhla while we are here so I am not exactly sure where they are at the moment.
Take care mom,
much love,
PS Give me a call anytime.