JOURNAL ENTRY - 28 Nov 2002
Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2002 4:50 AM
Subject: Heater?
I don't remember ever using any heater at your house or at Christy's. We just used lot's of blankets. I am sorry but I don't know where it is. I moved some things while I was there so it could be in the closet in "my?" bedroom. Should I use the word my? Anyways, I seem to remember moving some boxes around and I could have transferred the heater to the bathroom hall closet or to the closet in my room.

I hope that helps.
I am not doing very well. I am not able to manage everything effectively. Taffy is here for a while, my college girlfriend and she seems to think I am treating her badly. I guess I have not been treating her or Tony like I am thankful that they are helping me fix up MY boat. I just felt we were all doing it together and it was a partnership. She might leave soon. I think she is annoyed with everything I try and do to make things better. Sometimes people just see you in a negative light. She just needs time to realize that I am not trying to make her life unhappy.
I am not managing well. I have a laborer and he works well with me or alone but then I have to give tasks to Tony and Taffy and make sure they can get around the town without any language skills. I was teaching Taffy for a while. She is quick with languages but now it is hard to teach her anything because what ever I say she thinks I am being a jerk. What can I do? Tony is not so fast but he really enjoys the tonal aspect. He was saying how growing up playing the trumpet makes him more aware of the musical aspect of the language. It is entertaining to watch how they both deal with Thailand. I am trying to make it easier for them but I am not doing too well with Taffy.
I think we will be leaving around the 17th of Dec but I don't know at all. I got the engine running well and we are going to drive around the marina a bit, very slowly, to test things out and then I will run the engine for a few hours to see how it does. We are just about ready to paint the boom and the deck. We are making the boat more livable. We are putting up a good set of curtains. It is starting to look nice. Like something I would like to live on.
But I am tired and worn out and stressed. I need to figure out how to reduce my stress level. ASAP! Maybe play more and like you said, go back over the list of what we have accomplished so far.
Happy Thanksgiving mom,
Much love,
Your son,