JOURNAL ENTRY - 25 Jan 2003

Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 7:30 AM
Subject: Thanks Mom

I have arrived at dad's and am feeling quite worn out.
I got the gas detector already. Thanks mom.
It turns out Jeff found a good one at an RV store and picked it up for me. So now we have two.
I had such a good time this last segment of the trip I didn't get around to writing anything. It has been extremely pleasurable to have many people, friends, lovers and cousins on the boat. I think I am becoming a good captain.
At one point we had 8 people on a day trip to a smaller island in the Koh Chang group. One cousin; Jeff, one second mate; Tony, the second mates girlfriend; Amanda, a nice English girl we picked up in Koh Samet, my girl; Caroline, our two Thai restaurant owning friends; Mook and Pai, and a local from one of the guesthouses who was a particularly skilled fisherman; Go. It was the fullest the boat has been and it made me realize that if things are prepared correctly we could take that many people on a few day trips and people could sleep on deck and in the cabins and be quite comfortable.
Important information. I lost my drivers license. Actually I haven't lost it. I know exactly where it is. I just don't want to bother going back to Koh Samet for it. I think I might find out if I can get my new one by mail. My old one expires April 2003, I think.
Thank you for the information on Alan. I will put it to use in the next few days.
It is fantastic living on the boat from day to day. I was not sure how much I would like it and was afraid I was wasting my time rebuilding it. I now realize that it was not a waste at all. I have had the time of my life this last month. Yesterday, I realized that Tony and I had been living on the boat and sailing from Island to island for 31 days. Exactly one month. It seems like a lifetime. We have leisurely traveled just under 200 nautical miles and explore a great deal of the east side of the gulf of Thailand.
Looking at the charts was a little daunting because the trip to koh Samui is about 192 NM.
I am going to write two more installments of my story, as there is a lot to talk about. We will be leaving for Koh Samui in early Feb. I will let you know as the time approaches.
Much love mom,
Captain Andy