JOURNAL ENTRY - 20 May 2003

Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 12:11 AM
Subject: Parts
I will go through your letter in bold.

Boom Vang Block and Tackle is available at West Marine inSD, but Bill says that he has 4:1 purchase--that's the max. No 8:1. He has a 35 foot boat and uses 4:1. Let me know, ASAP, if you want it. Also, what do you mean by no "fittings?" What are fittings? LET ME KNOW, OK?

Y es the 4:1 will be fine but if there are extra blocks designed to make the purchase power 6:1 or 8:1 I would be interested.
Fittings are the pieces of equipment that are bolted or attached to the mast and boom to receive the block and tackle system. If they come with the package then that is fine but if they don't, I can have SS fittings fabricated here easily and cheaply.
Propane Gas Detector that operates on DC: is that the same as I sent you from a few months ago? If so, I, or you, can order it and have it sent to Catelyn's parents address in Ohio. LET ME KNOW, OK?
Don't worry about the gas detector, I can order it myself. It is a different one. I use the one you sent me for backup and am using it now because my other one broke.
Volva Penta model is MD2, right? Not MD2B? LET ME KNOW, OK?
I think MD2B is the type with a fresh water cooling system instead of mine which is salt water cooling, but otherwise the entire engine is the same. If you can get the parts for that engine it is fine as well.
Volvo Penta MD2 Parts - I found a guy in Clayton NY, French Creek Marine (Tel. 315-686-3621) Wilburt Wahl, who bought up Volvo Penta's old stock of MD2 parts. And he also has pistons and rings manufactured to the exact specifications. He was recommended by a very knowledgeable marine diesel man here in San Diego. HOWEVER, the pistons and rings are expensive. Much cheaper than buying an $8,500 new comparable diesel engine (here in the US), but still expensive. Here's the prices for what you asked for:
1. Pistons : $695 each (manufactured new at a specialty machine shop in Minnesota)

I can by a whole new, used (from Japan, which is not very used) Toyota diesel engine for 500 US$ here, so there is no way I am going to pay that price. Thank you very much though for going through all that effort.
2. Piston Rings (2 for each piston): $175 each
I am tempted with the rings but still it is too expensive.
3. Head gaskets (2): $95 each gasket (manufactured at al Norwegian factory that did the original Volvo Penta head gaskets
I still have two sets of head gaskets on the boat.
4. Exhaust Pipe Gaskets 2 (to engine head): $45 each
5. Manifold Gasket -1 each (to exhaust pipe) p/n 803374: $7.47
6. Seals (rubber & metal, behind water pump and keep water from getting into oil) 2 each p/n803727: $?
7. O Ring (between 2 seals, I think) 1 each, p/n 803728: $?
I bet he has other parts, but this was all we talked about because these were on your list.
Mr. Wahl said he can ship to anywhere in the world (global express probably). LET ME KNOW, OKAY?

Don't worry about the parts. I feel a little guilty now for pushing so hard for them. I had no idea they would be that expensive. I have more options here in Thailand that are far superior and much cheaper. I have also managed to replace or improvise most of the parts I needed before. I also bypassed the old pump system and installed a new external water pump that is powered by the flywheel. It is far superior at cooling the engine and I am also able to control water-flow, which allows me to run the engine at ideal temperatures at different speeds.
This was all done with the help of a great mechanic I am now friends with. It is quite funny that I ended up parking here next to him. He owns a boat and works on his own engine all the time. He also works on other people's boat engines all the time. Every other day he is dismantling another engine and I help him sometimes and watch other times. There are 3 full time mechanics that work in the klong and at any one time I can wander around and look in on different engines and even help if I want. What a glorious opportunity to learn about marine diesel engines.
Charts: do you need a Pilot (sailing directions) for Malaysia and Singapore?
I am looking on the web for charts right now.
Thanks for the help and the web-link on the admiralty charts. I suppose I need to just take the time to do it myself. Thanks for all the help and I will take up the chart issue from here.
Hope to hear from you SOON.
Love, Mom
PS I enjoyed the 10-minute squall!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope the amount of letters coming out from me is good. I have been trying to increase my letter writing for my mum's sake. I think it makes her happy and proud.
Much love,
Captain Andy