JOURNAL ENTRY - 18 Nov 2002
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 6:22 AM
Subject: Bang Pakong
The boat is moored in a marina called Royal Lakeside Golf and Marina. It is a land development project located at the mouth of the Bang Pakong River, south east of BKK. You and Dad kept the boat at a temple up the river from here for a while. The closest town is Bang Pakong. The area is between the cities of Chachingsao and Chonburi.

I have been working hard on the boat and have done a lot of cleaning and repair work on the engine. I took the manifold off and had a new base for the thermostat welded on and then took the two diesel tanks out and cleaned them thoroughly and then just today I did a whole lot of cementing of the hull behind the tanks. It was an area we thought we couldn't get to before but I managed to get the tanks out this time. I then had the opportunity do complete an old job, which I took of course.
There is still a lot to do but I am making good progress. Sewed up a hole in the sails and put on good clear telltales on the Main and Genoa.
I would like to leave the marina on the 4th of Dec when dad is not around but I am a little worried I won't have enough done at that time to leave. I still do not have a dingy which is a critical item.
I got a rice cooker right away and have been working hard to make the boat livable. Unfortunately I only just recently found a worker for the 21st but then dad is coming down then so it will be difficult to direct the worker and use dad's time. I might send him on a mission to find a good dingy.
I will let you know when I leave port and will try and give you the information you requested as best I can. But I warn you that we have no specific ports of call worked out yet and I plan on going as long as possible before we have to call into port.
Sounds like it has been a nice late summer in Cali. Christy said that there were quite a few days of very large swell after I left. Bummer.
The weather has been hotter than usual but today was a glorious Thai winter day with the northeast wind blowing strong and steady and the air was cool and clean.
As for bank statements please put them away in a file. I closed the accounts or left the minimum, so I should not incur any charges. If I get any credit card statements can you please open them. I might have forgotten to pay some charges I made to one of the cards. If it is just a new credit card offer, then just throw it away. You can open all my business mail but if you get a lot of personal letters I would be grateful if you could send them along to dad's address after a month or so.
I've got to run. Hope you are eating well. Try and get fat if you can, at least for me.
Your son,