JOURNAL ENTRY - 17 May 2003

Sent: Saturday, May 17, 2003 8:20 PM
Subject: Combination letter
Mom and Cate,
Mom, thanks for the quick decision about the sunglasses. Good choice and I appreciate you making it. I thought that I would try to do it solely through the company and not through you to see how it worked out. It is clear to me now that companies do not like to send stuff overseas if their card-holder is addressed in the US. I will now have the opportunity to see how the item will pass through the Thai system. I hope it is not too difficult.
I will go to the post office today to check.
I wanted to let both you and Cate know that I can receive stuff at this address for the next month or two.
Andy Orsini
Poste Restante
Koh Pangan, Surat Thani
84280 Thailand
I wanted to first say that I appreciate all the effort that both my mom and my good friend have put in to get me parts from the States. I am thankful. Second I have a few more things that I have to ask for. If you can't get them its OK, but I need them so I must ask.
1 - MD2 Volvo Penta Piston Rings and Pistons (new or used)
(I know you are already looking)
2 - charts on Malaysia's main island groups on the east and west coast and good ports of call. (I will try to move fairly fast through Malaysia but for safety reasons I believe it is wise to know where I can escape storms and go for supplies) Detailed on the island groups and major ports with one large general chart would be ideal.
3 - Propane gas detector that operates on DC for boats or Mobil-homes
4 - Block and Tackle Boomvang with 8:1 purchase including rope but fittings are not needed.
Thanks a lot. I know you are both pretty busy so I won't be let down if you can't get these.
Thanks a lot.
Captain Andy