JOURNAL ENTRY - 17 Jun 2003

Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 8:32 PM
Subject: Return to Koh Pangan
Just wanted to let everyone know that we returned to Koh Pangan safely. Had a beautiful trip up north to Koh Tao and then southwest through the Ang Thong Chain. Had a few days a wonderful sailing. Strong enough wind to keel the boat over and pull us along at 6 knots but not strong enough to churn up large waves. We hid behind the island chain as well and had strong winds and flat seas for some wonderful cruising, past vertical cliffs topped with bright green trees and bushes, through chalk green, wind swept water.
I felt for a day or two that I have gotten everything I dreamed of out of this boat and then realized that I have gotten way the F--- more than I ever expected.
Enough of that,
I will be in Koh Pangan preparing for my trip to Singapore. I have a pretty long list of tasks to complete but hopefully I can leave dock before July roles in. I will be installing a new boom-vang, reworking the electrical system so that I will have two individual battery banks, which I can charge separately. I just pulled out a rusted segment of the exhaust pipe, which was leaking into the hull. I need to go into Surat to fill out immigration forms and make sure I have all the necessary documents and licenses (Oh Boy). That one, I fear, is going to be a bitch. I also want to put together a good emergency-pack which I can grab along with my EPIRB and dive into the dingy in case of, well, . . . in case of you know what. I also need to find someone to test my VHF radio with. It is installed and I think I understand how to use it but there is no one around with a VHF radio to chat with.
There are other things but these are the major ones. I think these will keep me busy for the next two weeks but if anyone needs to contact me before I leave for Singapore, please do so in the next two weeks. I will be checking my email fairly regularly.
Mom, I love you very much. The money thing is clear. Put together the amount with a list if you like and I will have a check sent to you.
Dad, I will write you a letter about sailing together in July.
Much love,
Captain Andy