JOURNAL ENTRY - 12 Jan 2003

Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 4:30 AM
Subject: Koh Samet

I just wanted to let you know that we have arrived in Koh Samet. As expected it is much more developed than last time I was here. Tony and I spent a mellow, perfectly beautiful two days anchored off Koh Samae San (near Sattahip). Lots of old coral but there seemed to be a lot of new stuff growing as well.
It was difficult to anchor and at one point while we were anchored and the tide was going down, we bounced on a large coral head. It was quite a jar, felt throughout the ship. It happened a few times and then later the next day in the sand. That was not so bad but it gave me the shivers to hear and feel the boat slam the ground like that. I inspected the hull for any damage and couldn't even find a scratch. I like having a ferro-cement boat sometimes.
Where is Jeff McNair?
He has not contacted me. My cell phone is working. He arrived in Thailand 3 full days ago. He said he was going to take a fishing trip but I expected to hear from him sooner than this.
Ah well.
We are anchored pretty safely on the west side of the island on the one sand beach on that side. It is a very beautiful beach and there are two very pricey resorts on it.
We will be here for a few days. Maybe we'll leave around the 15th or 16 for Koh Chang. Most systems on the boat are working well. We had a lot of problems with anchors in Jom Tien, too much current and lots of waves. We also found out that the second anchor (a CQR imitation) really sucks. We tried to anchor with it about 15 times. I finally changed the anchors, after we rescued the first anchor and we set it on the first try. That says something about imitations of functional sailing equipment. I think before we go across to Koh Samui, I am going to find a decent Danforth or have one made.
Anyways. I am being careful and keeping equipment functional.
We have been cruising now for 20 days and it feels like forever. It's wonderful. We had three days of great gusting northeast winds and had a fabulous time sailing fast and hard to each new island. The boat was healed over 15 to 20 degrees most of the time and out to 25 occasionally. Yes, lots of things fell off shelves. We were whistling along at about 7 knots. I think Tony has now realized and appreciated the pleasures of
sailing. I just hope he deals with the scary instances as well. But so far so good.
I hope you are doing well.
I miss California and living with my mom sometimes.
THIS has been a glorious adventure so far. I feel really happy and really really proud.
I feel proud like I haven't felt for a long long time. It's rich.
Much love,