Unfortunately in this case I only have three photos. I have planty of internal layout shots but they are all on regular film sitting in a small Shoebox at my mothers house in Californai. So, what you get here is three shots which show some of the boats inside living areas.

The first photo on the left, captures the back of the main cabin looking out into the cockpit. The cockpit was the place we spent most of our time.


The Second photo, to the right side shows Ali, my younger cousin cooking pancakes in the galley (kitchen).


The Photo below you have probably seen already. It is one of the better shots of the dinning room. I am working on the main table which lowers to create a large bed with the seating area. To the left is the cooler and behind me is food storage. And, yes, I drank all those beers. It's probably a bit more clear now why I am grinning so widely in the photo.